Architectural Information

By living in a homeowners association, homeowners agree to abide by the governing documents.  In Park Paseo, that is no different.  If you are thinking about redoing any exterior part of your home, please check the CC&Rs, architectural guidelines, and rules and regulations to see if it is allowed.    Or you can call the office at 714-730-1560 and speak to the manager about what you would like to do.  

Home Improvements

If you are interested in making any changes to the exterior of your home, please remember to fill out an architectural application before starting the project.  Improvements can include painting, new installations, patio covers, solar panels, fencing, gates, garage door and window replacements, just to name a few.  


If you are planning to paint your home, an architectural application must be submitted, reviewed, and approved prior to painting.  You can pick up an architectural application form the onsite office or below on this website.  There are currently 29 color schemes that are available in the Dunn Edwards paint book.  To borrow the paint book, a $50 deposit check is required.  The onsite office will hold the check until the paint book is returned.  Residents can also view approved paint colors at:

Zero Lot Lines

Be aware of easement guidelines.

Please find the architectural documents below for reference: